12 Must have beginner starter kit


That you’re new to makeup or unfamiliar with it doesn’t mean you need to learn about everything all at once. In reality, you only need to learn one thing at a time. Which means that there are only a few essentials you need to add to your kit as you are just starting out.
Below are a few basic things you need to start:
1) Eyebrow Pencil: The current beauty scene puts so much attention on expertly groomed full brows. So whether your brows are sparse or grow in any direction they please, with a good brow pencil, you’re on your way to rocking perfectly groomed brows.

2) Face Primer: This acts as a base for foundation or any face makeup allowing it to go on smoother and last longer. Makeup primers can also help smoothen any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores. Because of its consistency makeup naturally wants to stick to it. It also allows for a layer of protection between the face and the makeup to prevent breakouts.

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3) Liquid Foundation: Foundation acts as a base for the rest of your make up. Wearing foundation can give you a more face. Many foundations contain a sun screen which you really should wear everyday anyway as a defence against ageing and skin cancers. Whether you prefer sheer, medium or full coverage, liquid foundation is a great way to get smooth and even coverage on your face.


4) Translucent Powder: Powder will be the final step in your makeup application. It helps set everything in place while pulling the shine out of your face.

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5) Lipstick:Using a lipstick helps complete our entire look. It’s kind of like the icing on a cake. Lipstick has the wonderful power of tying everything together in a neat little bow. All you need is one or two colors that suit your skin and your face and it will help any look pop. Lipstick also protects your lips against sun damage.

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6)Concealer: A concealer is a must have if you have dark under eye circles, red spots or any discoloration on your face. Using a concealer after applying your foundation is also a great way to spot treat areas that the foundation was not able to cover appropriately.


7) Eye Primer: For the same reason we use face primer we should use eye primer. It gives our eye shadow an extra pop as well as the ability to last all day long without creasing.


8) Neutral Eye shadow: When starting out with eye shadows for the first time it is a good idea to keep it pretty natural. While vibrant colors are great they can look out of place and. So start out with a palette of neutral colors and then work your way up to brighter colors.

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9) Mascara: It helps to lengthen and add volume or appearance of it to your lashes by using a few coats of mascara after your shadow and liner are complete. This will help you look more awake and allow your eyes to appear bigger than they really are..

Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

10) Blush: Blush helps bring color and life back into our face after we have muted it out with our foundation. It helps us look healthier and provides a bit of a glow.

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11) Pencil Eyeliner: Your makeup is not complete without eye liner. What eyeliner does is to help our lashes look fuller and provide a completeness to our look. Start out with a pencil liner. Once you are comfortable you can venture out into the world of gels and liquid.

12) Makeup Brush Set: Every girl needs a good set of makeup brushes in her collection. There are many different types of brushes out there, all designed to contour, blend and buff your way to a flawless makeup look. From blush to brows to foundation, there are a lot of different makeup brushes you need to make up your face. Instead of buying them individually, which can be more expensive, add a complete brush set to your list of must-haves when creating your makeup kit for beginners.

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If you have just these in your makeup kit and with hours of practice, you will soon be on your way to doing your makeup like a pro.

Is there anything you’ll rather have more than the other?

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